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Wedding movies by Tropical Imaging Turks & Caicos

The most vivid and powerful way to tell a compelling story is through the narrative of the moving image

wedding video Turks & Caicos

The power of the still image, the “decisive moment” is not in question. Of course you want to have pictures for many years to come, to share, to treasure. However with the impact of technology, the web, the ability to share moving images on iphones, on ipads and laptops, the rise of “video” is only growing stronger…..but it’s hard to do well.

It takes a team, it’s audio, it’s moving, it’s alive, it needs sequences of shots to tell a story rather than a single moment. You need four shots from two angles to cover the bride as she walks down the aisle, photography can do it in one!

Our movie services are based on a short highlight piece of 6-9 minutes not a 45 minute epic that you will never watch more than once or twice.

We take the best moments from throughout our time together, capturing the critical moments as a photographer would do, and then bringing those individual moments back together again to tell a story of the wedding. On average 6-9 minutes, we choose the music as the audio is “75%” of the story and the heartbeat of any production.

Wedding video locations in Turks & Caicos

We have worked at the majority of resorts and villas on the island, so no matter where you are getting married we can help.

Beach weddings are of course very popular, but we often film in places of worship (we’re unobtrusive and respectful) or in gardens and private homes.

Movies plus pictures is the future

A fusion of the two where two plus two makes five!

Here is a short list of what we can do:

  • 2-3 cameras in HD for the number of hours you choose
  • Tropical Imaging’s natural, low key and unobtrusive yet super fun shooting style
  • Full coverage (with basic edits) of the Ceremony & Speeches
  • Delivery online in HD and on disk HD
  • Blogged highlights to share with friends & family
  • Next Day Edits and surprise showings at the reception for Island Escape music videos.

wedding film Packages & Prices

We have standard wedding film packages to suit all budgets

Wedding video portfolio

Take a look at a selection of recent wedding highlights movies

If you need a wedding video in Turks & Caicos, we're here to help.

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